(Latest update: 2018-12-28)

1 – Maintained

  • Homog2d: a GPL generic C++ library for handling 2D lines, points and planar transformations
  • Spaghetti: a GPL generic C++ library for Finite State Machine implementation
  • udgld, a C++ wrapper over Boost Graph Library (aka as BGL) to easily get loops in undirected graphs.
  • gensched, a GPL schedule layout engine, generates HTML pages from an input csv file.
  • chordbars, a music-related Latex package, Tikz-based. Used to generate chord grids and song structure
  • I also have build some stuff to support core communications of the ANR Platinum project. Repository is private at present, but project documentation is public.

2 – Older software

  • slifis, a C++ fuzzy logic library, hosted on sourceforge, project page is here.
  • cxw, a C++ wrapper and computational geometry library, builds on top of Opencv 2.1 API
    • Public archive and anonymous svn access through the forge of INSA-Rouen here (user/pwd is “anonsvn”).
      After downloading, please build documentation first, using Doxygen.
      Note: this package will probably not be maintained any more, as one of its aims was to provide an object oriented API wrapper to the Opencv “C” API. Opencv now has fully switched to a C++ API, so maintaining this project makes less sense. However, it provides few computational geometry features that Opencv doesn’t, and I also use it in some other private projects.
  • Epigeom, a LGPL C++ library useful for stereovision. Can do 3d to 2d projection, and 3d euclidian reconstruction.

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